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I wanted to be THIS woman

Flipping channels, Army of Dad found Celebrity Poker on Bravo and then World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel. So, we're flipping back and forth. Well, they showed one of the old Celebrity Poker shows with Angie Dickinson. She is looking really old, but it is probably because she is REALLY old.

I wanted to be her SOOOO bad when I was about 8. Either her or Charlie's Angels depending upon if I wanted to be tough and a good cop and boss men around or if I wanted to bounce my boobs and flip my hair to make men do what I wanted through sex appeal. Of course, I wasn't sophisticated enough to make those distinctions at that time. But, Police Woman was cool.

Just a few more points, good thing Bobby Flay can cook because he sure can't dress. Ouch. Fashion police are on their way Bobby. Sorry. He was on one of the previous Celebrity Poker shows, too. This is the tourney of champs tonight. ANd, by the way, I wouldn't touch Dave Navarro with someone else's dick. Ick. Now, Jeff Gordon, that is another story.


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