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Interview Meme

Kathleen at Baggage and Blathering had posted an interview meme and I volunteered to participate. She posts the questions on her blog and then I have to answer them on mine and invite fellow bloggers to join in something similar. So, anyone who wants to do this, send me an email and I'll make up questions for you, too.

Here was what she had at her blog:
A late entry to the meme, my virtual bud Army of Mom has agreed to be victimized. Bwahahahahaha!
Here's how it works, AOM: I've posted your questions here. You'll answer them over on your blog, and then add a comment here so I know you answered 'em. Then, find five willing intervieweees of your own, and ask them each five questions.

And now, to the questions:
You recently went back to working outside the home (sucks not to be independently wealthy, yes?), and it seems that you like your job. If education, family, finances, etc. were not a consideration, what would be your dream career? Why aren't you doing that now?
I do like my job. If I didn't have a family, my dream career would be to be right in the thick of things covering things like the war in Iraq or hanging out with women in Afghanistan and covering their efforts to gain more rights. I would be a foreign correspondent or covering politcs in D.C. Why am I not doing that now? I chose to have a family and they come first. I won't be the next Daniel Pearl. As far as dream job that is attainable with my current situation, I'd love to write some books. Why aren't I doing that now? I say it is lack of time, but it is probably more honestly fear of failure and rejection.

What's the one thing you've done that you really wish you could takeback?
There are some silly things I'd pick that impacted the route I took with my life. I wish I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get married and waited till I grew up more and had lived as an individual before I made the leap to have a family. I wish I would have gone to England when I had that chance as a freshman at Baylor instead of staying home to see my boyfriend.

Do you have a storm cellar at your house? If so, how many times have you used it in the past year?
We don't have one. Our safe room is the pantry. We have hidden out in there probably two or three times in the past year. That is about the average for us. We are usually scared shitless while we're there and trying to put on a brave face for the children and make it seem like a fun campout. Unfortunately, I think they sense the danger. Or it could be the gale force winds or warning sirens that trigger it.

When it comes to disciplining the kids, are you the good cop or the bad cop?
It depends on the situation. I can be a hard-ass, but between Army of Dad and I, I'm the good cop. He says I'm a sucker.

When are you going to get your ass to Tennessee so we can hang out,drink beer, and misbehave?
We'll put you on the list of places to go. I have a LONG list, so don't hold your breath. I have been several times in recent years because my brother and his family lived in Memphis for a while.

Do I have five volunteers or do I have to start drafting people?


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