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Interview Meme

Ok, my first victim, er, interview is Alli from Ranting Fox. I'll ask her five questions here, then she actually posts the questions and responses at her blog and she seeks five victims, too.

Here you go, Alli:
What influenced you to choose the college you're attending? Why do you like it?

Do you find it hard to have conservative viewpoints in the liberal environment of college? How do you handle it when people are all up on Michael Moore's dick?

What kind of surgery did you have on your shoulder? Can you still swim?

Do you do monthly breast self-exams? You should if you don't. Do you have an annual "female" check up each year? You should, if you don't. If you don't, why not?

How much longer do you have in school? What part of the country do you hope to live and work in after graduation?

There, now it is volleyed back into your court. Comment here when you've answered the questions and posted.


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