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Must have been the shirt

Yesterday was wildly flattering. I think it had to be my green Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt. It is just a big old poly/cotton blend polo style shirt. Nothing special, but maybe it makes my green eyes sparkle or something. I don't know.

Went to meet with a publisher I'm working a side job for and he is one of those studboys that is TOO good looking. You know the type. I sensed that he was a football player in a previous life and as I looked around his office yesterday, there was all the TCU college football stuff from his playing days. He has that square jaw, tan, blond hair ... carries himself in a cocky fashion, very self-assured. *shrug* Not my type. I know that shocks everyone because just about every male is my type in some fashion, but he just doesn't do it for me.

But, regardless. I walk in the office yesterday in my jeans, Tommy polo and my hair in a pony-tail and he looks at me and says very matter of factly "You look really pretty with your hair pulled back."

That was just a very nice thing to say. He has that kind of confidence that he wasn't worried I was going to take it the wrong way, which I didn't. Was just nice to hear.


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