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Bird brains

The term Bird Brain came about for a reason.

More than 100 migrating birds were found dead in Yellowstone National Park April 27 -- apparent victims of a snowstorm. Rangers believe the birds encountered heavy snow and crashed onto paved areas near Canyon Village that they apparently mistook as open water.Nine species of birds were involved, and some birds that survived the initial impact were killed by coyotes and Ravens.

Army of Dad found a dead bird at his work. While speculating with co-workers about how it got there (they didn't see it earlier in the morning), they came to the conclusion that it flew into the warehouse. Not inside, but into the outer shell of the warehouse. AoD said he saw a little dark smudged spot where the bird had apparently hit the wall. I can see Bill Engvall make a little tiny bird-sized sign.

Then, a few days ago while driving Stinkerbelle to daycare, I see a flash of something diving in front of me. Then, I heard THUD! One less birdy shallowing up the bird gene pool. This morning, some stupid mourning dove didn't even flinch or move was I drove within a few inches of it on the road at the airport. I figured I just didn't see it move and looked into my sideview mirror and it was still there when the next car drove by.

Bird brains.


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