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I'm getting old

Went to Foley's during my lunch today to purchase a dressy blouse to wear with my black "good butt" pants to a gala event we're hosting Wednesday night. I have to work till 9ish tonight, so I know I won't have time to shop before I bust my hiney all day tomorrow in preparation for the big event.

So, I go to the juniors section at the store. That is where I've always shopped unless I was buying a business suit or something. *sigh* The only thing close to dressy there were lots and lots of lacy camisole-looking shirts. Uh, no thank you. If I want to wear my underwear, I'll just go through my chest of drawers and pull out something slinky and pretty for there. This is when it hit me that I'm old. Now, I'm one of those women who are questioning why girls are wearing their underwear on the outside. I wonder this, too, about men/boys who wear their jeans hanging so low that you can see their underwear. That is weird to me. But, I digress. I had to go to the ladies' section of the store. I don't even know what they call this department. It bugged me the whole time I'm shopping. Adding insult to injury was the fact that all the dressy blouses have 70s prints on them. I don't recall liking these designs when I was a kid and wore them back in the 70s. So, why would I like them now? One good reason, the blouse I found was on sale. That is a good reason to like it.

Back to work.


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