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Going under

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be sucked into quicksand. I have so many things all around me that need to get done and I have to sacrifice one thing or another to accomplish anything. I hate this feeling. But, what it is really weird is that I'm in a good mood in spite of it.

This weekend, we're doing a special event with international media, so it means lots of running around and getting stuff done. I LOVE this part of the job. I really enjoy being out on site and coordinating and assisting. I get to meet lots of new people. I'm not a boss, but I'm not a complete minion either. So, it is a lot of fun. Time goes by quicker. I get to dress a little nicer tonight for a cocktail party. My coworkers won't recognize me in nice clothes. My boss gave me a nice compliment in a teasing manner. I asked him if I could actually wear a dress (not that I'd want to - I HATE dresses, I'm such a tomboy). And, he joked that at the last event we did I caused a disturbance among the men working and I was in khakis that day. What might happen, he said, if I were to show some leg? I laughed and said my legs aren't what most guys are noticing on me. What do YOU think? *pssst, here's a hint: men don't typically notice my face first. I've learned to go with it.


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