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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I guess some irritated Greek found an old post from the Olympics last summer and left a nasty little comment. I find it very amusing, personally. Don't know if you remember, but the Greek fave to win the 200 didn't show up for drug testing, then had an accident. The Greek fans whistled (our equivalent to booing) so the race coudn't get started on time.

Dillweed points out that the Greeks are the hotbed of education. Thanks for the tip, buddy. Now go back to work guarding your bridge from the Three Billy Goats Gruff.


  • At 8:43 AM, April 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here's my question: Why do trolls want to post on really old posts? Are they too scared everyone will see their ignorance if it's on a new one?

    Second, that person made absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Must have been the steriods.


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