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One hour to go

Now, it REALLY is a panick-ulectomy! I'm trying to get all the kids' stuff ready for the various events over the next few days. Hot Rod and Pickle have field day tomorrow and they need their swimsuits and towels and then a change of clothes. Hot Rod is having juiceboxes and cupcakes for his birthday party at school tomorrow, too. Pickle has a drumming performance at school today. Both boys have their karate belt tests tomorrow night. Saturday is Hot Rod's birthday. Friday is pajama day at Stinkerbelle's preschool and then she is going with my folks for the weekend.

Busy, busy, busy. And, I won't be able to coordinate everything and participate. I'm pretty sad about that. And, I couldn't put on deoderant this morning. Eww. I'll be all sweaty before I have the surgery from getting stuff ready this morning.

Eventually I will blog about Hot Rod's birthday party. I still haven't loaded up his pictures and they're great. Maybe on his birthday, I can get over to the computer and do it. *shrug* You know you'll get pictures at some point. Of the kid, not me. ;)

Back to preparations.

May the force be with you. (and me, today!)


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