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Orgasm Day

One of my friends from high school sent this story to me:

'Orgasm Day' Celebrated As Official City Holiday
POSTED: 7:32 am CDT May 10, 2005
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- It was Orgasm Day Monday in Espertantina, a small town in northeast Brazil.
Mayor Felipe Santolia said his town has unofficially celebrated orgasm day for years. But this year is the first when it was recognized as an official municipal holiday.
Santolia said the idea is to improve marriages. Santolia notes that when a woman is unsatisfied, it affects all aspects of her life, including her relationship with the city. Santolia added that Monday's official holiday was to celebrate "orgasm in all its senses."

Damn, a politician who has figured something out. I try to make every day Orgasm Day because if momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy.


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