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Despite it all

Kids can get the best of us and my kids have been working in award-winning style to drive me to drink this weekend.

But, there are moments when, in spite of it all, we know how much we love them and are willing to do for them. I just had one of those moments.

Trying to write a story that is due tomorrow and Stinkerbelle insists on being under my feet, so I try to give her some tasks to do to "help" me and keep her busy. I ask her to toss the plastic newspaper bag in the trash and despite the fact that there are at least four trashcans within 10 feet of where I am, she insists on getting to the one under the computer desk and she has to crawl under the desk drawer, which has a sharp edge to it.

You can see where this is going. Being the mom that I am (and just about any mom worth her weight - which can be alot for some of us), I put my fingers over the sharp corner, just in case.

Dammit. The just in case was needed today. Now my index finger throbs and has a giant red triangle on it. She knocked the crap out of my hand right into the corner. Better my fingers than her hard head. Right?

Maybe I can earn back my A-Ok mommy status. I lost it last night when I "lost it."


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