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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



Well, my big event Friday is done and went pretty well. We had about half of what we projected we'd have, but it is done!!!!! Thank God it is over. I was so tired and exhausted last night. Army of Dad came to the airport and I gave him a tour of the new terminal and then we went to eat steak at Hoffbrau. Very tasty.

Today is my last morning sans children. We go to retrieve the kiddos in a little while. I didn't have to work the big airport public events today THANK THE LORD!!! So, we're going to go out to breakfast and then go pick up the kids at take them to the museum for a while.

I'd like to upload pictures, but Blogger is screwed up AGAIN. *sigh*

This is sort of my blog entry about nothing. Doing it while I'm loading myself up with vancamiacin or however you spell it. Hopefully tonight I can blog and upload pics. I have lots to say about the supreme court's recent offense to society and the constitution, a dipshit who let his baby bake to death in the boonies nearby among other things. Uzz got my boy from camp and I have news to post about that, too. Should be good stuff when I get back. For now, I need to wrap up my super-duty drugs, get dressed and go eat. I think that will help.


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