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Beam Me Up, Scotty

James Doohan died today and I'm pretty sad about that. I knew he had been ill for about a year, so it was not a shock, but still sad.

I got to meet "Scotty" at a Star Trek convention in Austin about nine or 10 years ago. He was a jovial fellow and loved the women. He had to get a hug and a kiss from every woman who got his autograph. I didn't get my picture made with him, but I did get an autographed picture. Not sure if it was lost in a move over the years because I haven't seen it since we moved into our house, but I have a feeling it is nestled away in one of my memory boxes somewhere.

So many things I loved about this character on the original series. I always loved his "we can't hold on much longer, captain!" lines. I loved it when he was on the TNG and advised Lt. LaForge not to tell the captain the truth on how much he could give him. That was classic, but the best was a friend of mine had Scotty's voice on his computer when it booted up that had one of Scotty's movie lines: "Hello Computer."

Rest in peace.


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