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Bork Bork Bork

I got an email asking me to promote the release of The Muppet Show Season One. If you go to the link, you get a pop-up with some of the scenes off the DVD. I died when I saw the Swedish Chef preparing his "hotsie totsie" with all kinds of Tabasco, chili powder, etc.

My love for the Swedish Chef lies in my childhood. My dad used to cook and he'd toss his wooden spoons and sing Bork Bork Bork much to my delight. I usually rolled in the floor with laughter. A couple of weeks ago, we went to visit my folks and he did it again. Still, to this day, I laugh so hard my sides ache. My kids laughed, too. Not because they got the joke, but because it is just funny to see Papa do that.

I got a little email (because I am a major blogger, after all - thanks Cashin) asking me to plug the DVD release. In great American style, I asked what I get out of it. I got a promise of a really cool Kermit the Frog shirt. So, I am holding out for my shirt. Will model it for a picture when I get it.

But, I digress. I love The Muppets and faithfully watched the half-hour show every Sunday night at 6 p.m. For a while (if my old memory serves me correctly) they were on opposite the Disney Sunday movie on ABC. But, I watched the Muppets and then flipped over to the Disney show late.

There is a good Muppets official site and if you go to the little compass on the far left corner of the main page and go the Swedish Chef's Kitchen, you can smack de snackees. Pretty fun.

Suddenly, I have a taste for Chocolate Moose.


  • At 12:55 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger Random and Odd said…

    lol. I saw this in the video store and almost started crying and throwing a full on 4 year old temper tantrum because I wanted it so bad.

    Shaun said, 'Maybe for Christmas if I am a good girl."

  • At 4:46 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger cashin said…

    That has actually been on my "To buy" list for the longest time you could imagine, in fact I just picked up muppet treasure island because i'm that cool.

  • At 7:39 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the muppets!!!

  • At 10:22 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sing along with me now:(to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot)

    "I'm a little pirate, short and fat.
    Here is my eyepatch, here is my hat.
    When I pulled the plug, the boat, it sank.
    That's WHY they made me walk the plank!"

    I am so off to the video store! Thanks for the reminder. Isn't it great that "our generation" can be marked by who laughs when someone says, "Bork bork bork!"

  • At 10:46 AM, August 26, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    True enough ... if you say Bork Bork Bork to most people, they think you're talking politics!

  • At 10:58 PM, August 27, 2005, Blogger North Dallas Thirty said…

    I love it! Used to watch the Muppet Show almost religiously....and the Swedish Chef....remember the episode where the gypsy cursed the cast so that everyone became Swedish? :)


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