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Going where no man has gone before

Army Wife suggested I totally get my dork on and dress up in a Starfleet uniform to go to the comic con in October. I thought about it and did some web searches for costumes. Because, seriously, I can use it for costume parties, Halloween (I am such a dork, I always dress up when I take the kids trick or treating and they always say: Let me guess mom, you're going to be an M&M again!) So, I did some looking and found some good ones, but this one is making me giggle my evil laugh. Can you see all the dorks popping boners if I wore this one to the comic con:

Of course I won't look like that in it, but AoD and I could play "away mission" a few times while I wear it.

Hmm. I'll keep looking, but this is on the short list. *giggling* Get it? Short list. Oh ok, so it wasn't that funny.


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