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Lightsabre noodles and chickens, oh my!

Went to see my folks today. Took the kids swimming at my folks' neighbor's home. Stinkerbelle only stuck around for a while. She only got part of a nap in the car and was really a cranky britches. But, she is so good with my folks. She loves them so much. My mom's stroke has been really hard on all three kids. They are so used to having my mom around, that it is weird for them for her not to be there. While she is doing great for being a day or two shy of the one-month mark after her stroke, she's not the same Granny to them and they see it. Bless her heart, she does, too. But, she sucked it up and walked next door to be with the kids while they swam, but that tuckered her out. When they went out to play with the chickens, she stayed inside to rest. She was probably exhausted by the time we left and we were only there about two hours or less.

The boys were pretending the noodles were light sabres. Then, Hot Rod landed a good one on Pickle's chin.

That was the end of that. Jumping was next on the swim agenda.

Whoops, that one is a bit fuzzy - he doesn't usually move that fast!

Mom and dad hung out for a bit with us.

She was just really crabby off and on from the lack of nap.

Finally, Papa took her back home and let her play with the water hose before getting her dressed and coming back to the neighbor's pool.

Mom is looking really haggard in this picture. Bless her heart. This was about the time we were getting out of the pool. So, we got changed back into our clothes and the little kids went to see the chickens. Hot Rod has wanted his picture with the chickens for a while now.

Stinkerbelle was laughing hysterically. The chickens were taking grass from Hot Rod's hand and pecking him.


  • At 9:24 AM, August 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That picture he wanted is definitely worth getting.
    It seems Hot Rod's memory of his Grandpa's chicken house will be better than the ones I have.
    Of course, I was a girl having to go on over and help Grandma with the plucking and the stewing in the kitchen.

  • At 2:04 PM, August 15, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yeah, it will be good. We have so many pictures that my kids just expect them! And, my mom's chicken recollections include catching them and wringing their necks before plucking and cooking. Yuck.


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