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Good news, bad news

Well, got a call from the nurse at Pickle's pediatric endocrinologist's office earlier this week. Good news is that his glucose/diabetes test came back fine. Levels should be under six and his was a five. So, that a was a GIANT relief that we don't have that to worry about, too.

We were concerned about his rapid weight gain over the past year and I asked the nurse practitioner if his meds could be too high. For those who don't know, Pickle has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, which means his body doesn't produce cortisol, so we replace it synthetically with corticosteroids (hydrocortisone -brand is Cortef). So, because they are steroids, if his body doesn't absorb the medication well and he is over-dosed, it will increase his appetite, his weight and give him that round face.

Well, guess what? His levels were off. So, we cut back his medication from 20 mg per day of Cortef to 15 mg. I'm hoping this does the trick and his massive appetite decreases and with the beginning of soccer season and karate resuming, he'll drop that weight and get a bit healthier again. He has a history of his body not absorbing his medication well. We have just never found a time in his ife where he has done really well maintaining it. I'm assuming that he'll be ok once he's an adult and not growing any more. At least that is my hope.

For now, I'm ok with this good news/bad news. We'll see how it goes.


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