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Post-panniculectomy elation

A week before I had my panniculectomy, I was nervous. I tried to do lots of research on it, but there really isn't that much information out there. Oddly enough, I've had many women leaving comments on the blog because my name comes up when you google panniculectomy.

I've had many complications with the procedure from the additional infection that required the insertion of the port catheter in my chest for the abdominal wall infection to the embedded and twisted staple that led to the abcess.

Now, I'm almost three months post-op. I have a giant, red raised scar that will start to fade from here on out and should be faded in less than 15 months from now. If you would have asked me six weeks post-surgery, I would have told you that I regretted it and would have never done it.

But, now, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I truly would. I'm still not really used to my body and there are other flaws now that really tick me off. But, I would do it all again. Every step of it if I had to.

I'm so much happier with myself now. I have new confidence. I can wear pretty panties and be proud of the way I look. Best wishes to all my panniculectomy penpals.


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