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My new watch

Army of Dad is so sweet sometimes. In the melee of returning to work and having the infection explode from my healing incision back in June, I lost my watch that AoD had given me for my birthday about seven years ago. I wasn't sure what made me sicker - the infection or the loss of a gift that he had given me. It was really pretty, too. A really nice Bulova watch that he picked out on his own.

So, earlier this year, his folks gave us a gift certificate for for our anniversary. We kept waffling on what to get and hadn't used it, so AoD told me to use it to get a new watch. So, I did and even had enough money to get me a copy of Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton, too. I read my Dancing Barefoot in June and loved it and have been wanting to read this one, too.

Here is the watch I ordered tonight:

And, yes, the 69 percent off comment is just a bonus for my pervy nature.


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