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Friday meat of the week

Karl Urban has to be one of God's greatest gifts to this earth. I truly, truly mean that.

I first discovered him as the manly testosterone-laden Eomer in the LOTR trilogy. Gees, what I would give to live in Rohan.

And this .. I bet he makes this face at other times, too. *imagining: a big smack on the backside with "Who's your rider of Rohan? Who is it, baby? That's right: It's Eomer! Don't you forget it!"

Then, we have him with firearms this time.

Those nipples look like they're yearning to be tweaked, don't they?

And, oh mama. Look at those eyes and that razor stubble and that hair and ....

And, look here, he makes Vigo Mortenson look like a fag (not that there is anything wrong with that) but, this is a REAL man.

And one last one for good measure:

Ladies enjoy.


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