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Coming soon to AoM's home: the tooth fairy

On Monday, my sweet Hot Rod came to work with me before going to visit his Granny and Papa for an overnight visit. Before the stroke, he was going to spend the whole week there. But, I was grateful that she is well enough to deal with him for a full day.

So, we rode the train and checked out all of the new terminal. He was loving life. Here we are on the train.

Crazy kid liked the music on the train. So, I called my friend in the marketing department and she is getting him a CD of the music. He also loved the giant escalators.

He was also enjoying the art work throughout the terminal.

He was pretending to be jumping in the water on the medallion.

He really likes this skyscraper looking sculpture.

In the morning, we go to the pediatric out-patient suergical facility for him to have dental work done under anesthesia. He needs some caps and fillings and he just won't cooperate for all of that. He is excited because one tooth is being pulled and the tooth fairy will be coming to visit. I hope the facility is all that it seems to be. They give the kiddo "giggle juice" to help him relax and then they'll do the mask to help him sleep before they do the anesthesia. Seems to be a good system. The anesthesiologist called tonight, but I missed her call. Seems like a really nice gesture, though. I'm a nervous wreck. I'm used to my oldest going through medical things, but this is my strong healthy boy. *shuddering* I suppose I'll get through it. Just say a few prayers and send good thoughts our way.


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