Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


If it weren't for back luck

I'd have no luck at all.
Gloom, despair and misery on me.

Ok, for those of you NON-rednecks, that was a song from the old show Hee Haw.

Been one of those days, weeks, months, years ...

Took Pickle to the specialist this morning and his weight gain is pretty bad, so we have to work on that. The nurse practitioner ordered a test to see about his blood sugar to check for diabetes. She doesn't think he has it, but we want to check. That would be great: CAH and diabetes.

Went to my plastic surgeon again. I had one part of the incision that just wasn't healing and this morning, it was swollen, feverish and bright red. *sigh* So, went and the nurse picked the scab off and jabbed me enough to get some fluid out of it to do a culture. I have some antibiotic ointment to put on it, but they're goign to send the culture off before they put me on any antibiotics. Pray, please, that it isn't that ferocious strain again and is something simple like staph infection. I never thought I'd WANT to have a staph infection, but I don't want to go have another port put in and do all of that again.

Fast forward to later in the day and my boss calls me in to work. So, hubby is on his way home to get the kids, stops to get gas and is car won't start. Friends pick up the kids for us. He gets a jump and heads to the auto parts store. Details are sketchy for me here because I haven 't really gotten to talk to him much. He bought an alternator and went to a friend's house to work on it. I hope it works.

I'm taking my headache and going to bed.


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