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Do what tastes right


Wendy's is getting a bit racy and trying to appeal to the bored housewives of the world. I wonder if Dave Thomas is spinning in his grave?

I'm soaking in the tub trying to relax and reading my Parenting magazine when I come across this ad for Wendy's:

Do some matchmaking. It's not like hamburgres and french fries are married. Hamburgers can play the field. Have a fling with a baked potato. Cozy up with some chili. Get fresh with a Caesar side salad. Nobdy has more choices. Because when it comes to combos, monogamy is monotony. It's your meal. You know what tastes right.

Yikes. I think they're trying to capitalize on some moms who are bored with life, their husbands, their sex and maybe they can sneak in some joy by feeling like they're avoiding the "monogamy is monotony" rut by spicing things up with some chili. Maybe they can fantasize about the construction workers in the booth behind them while they give the baby a fry to gnaw on.

I dunno. Coming from dirty-minded me, maybe I'm putting more into it than needs to be there ... but, what do you think it is supposed to be communicating? This right up there with the Paris Hilton-Carl's Jr. partnership. I never knew burgers were so sexy. I just know they upset my stomach and mke my ass large.


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