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Hump day = good day

Right? Anything that could be called Hump Day HAS to be a good day.

Aside from some jackass, er, fishstickhead almost forcing me off the road. It has been a good day. It is raining and only going to be 82 today - praise the lord.

Came to work and flipped my daily LOTR calendar to find Pippin in his armored helmet thingee. Ooohwee. I would make that Hobbit a full-fledged man by the time I was done with him.

Got to don my PPE (complete with pink hard hat) one more time this morning for a tour of our CUP (central utility plant) and wonder the tunnels a bit while checking out what makes our terminals warm and cold. Was really cool. Plus, these guys are like coal-miners in that they never get out of their hole over there, so they were all coming out to gaze at the wonder of a female in their midst.

No heat + hobbit + hump day = good day for AoM.


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