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Pregnant women are so cute

Busy busy weekend. Today I went to a baby shower for my friend, KR. She is so cute while she is pregnant.

Isn't she cute? Her cake was really cute, too.

and, here we are together. This picture has finalized it for me. I'm getting chin lipo. Next follow-up, I'm asking the plastic surgeon for some help.

Two more weeks till c-section day. Best wishes to welcome baby girl. Her little boy is good buddies with Hot Rod - we were pregnant at the same time. We got a "I'm a big brother" t-shirt for him and Hot Rod drew him a picture of his friend and the baby. It was very sweet.

Addition: I almost forgot a really funny story from the baby shower. When the cake was cut and distributed, I got this GIGANTIC piece and I laughed and told the server:
"That is a giant piece of cake you gave me."
"Yeah," she said. "It is a big ass piece of cake."
"Hey, that is appropriate since I have a big ass," I said with a laugh.
*mortified look on the girl's face*
"I didn't mean it that way."
"I know you didn't. I just couldn't resist. That was too easy."

Monday morning, Hot Rod goes for his pre-op check-up and I go see the doctor for my incision infection. Wish me luck.


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