Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



Went to visit my mom and dad today and took Stinkerbelle along for the ride. AoD was supposed to be taking the boys to a friend's to go swimming, but it didn't come together. But, it was the first time that Stinkebelle had an extended visit with her granny since the stroke on July 17, so that was good. Mom was doing AWESOME. She is still favoring her right hand, but her left hand is doing better and she was making an effort at using it. She actually PICKED Stinkerbelle up once to let her turn off the light switch!!! I about flipped when I saw it. She said the home health nurse said she could start doing some light yardwork next week!!! I can't believe it. She walked all the way from the house out to dad's back pasture, where the chickens are and back without getting tired. I am so excited for her.

Mom and Stinkerbelle played dominos for a while before my dad got home and took her out to see the chickens.

She was loving the chickens.

I was so pleased to see how well mom was moving.

She would pet the chickens, but wouldn't hold one.

Now, I get to work on writing three stories that are due tomorrow. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to write. But, I do better work on deadline. They're mostly written, I just have to make them coherent. Inputting the notes is the hardest part and that is done. Whew! So, off to work. Right after The 4400.


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