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Bag of ninjas

Somethings don't translate as funny to others, even though they were hysterical to those who witnessed it. We had Stinkerbelle's birthday party Saturday night (pics and post to come later). During the party, Hot Rod's bag of little ninja figures was a highly sought prize, so I picked it up and put it in the kitchen. After all the kids had left and only Hot Rod's overnight guest was left, I casually tossed the bag of ninjas into the front room. I'm in the kitchen talking to LabKat and Gadfly and we hear Hot Rod scream from the other room "AH! BAG OF NINJAS!!!!"

LabKat: Did he just say bag of ninjas?
AoM: Yeah, it's a bag of ninjas.
Gadfly: *laughing and just shaking his head*

So, now, when I need a smile, I'm simply going to say Bag of Ninjas.


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