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Live long and prosper

I'm so excited. I'm turning into my dork self. Planning on watching some Firefly tonight with my honey and going to see all sorts of dorks tomorrow at the SciFi Expo and Comic Con.

Klingon Commander Salek won't be there, but he told me to look out for hot female Klingon Kbubbles. Should be fun. The Klingons provided security last year. It was great.

Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca, will get his American citizenship next week and Pickle drew him a picture to give him tomorrow.

He is very excited and so am I. He was stoked when I told him Jonathan Frakes directed Clockstoppers. We are going to have all kinds of fun. Then, I'm going back Sunday to see Adam Baldwin with LabKat.


  • At 10:25 PM, October 14, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    I am grateful he added some black hair...btw...are you ever going to change your poll?

  • At 1:53 PM, October 15, 2005, Blogger Random and Odd said…

    You are such a nerdlinger...I think that is why I like you so much!!

  • At 10:34 PM, October 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Uzz, she changed the poll, but my answer for the best fries is Whataburger, which is not available to pick. AoM, you need to add Whataburger.

  • At 8:20 AM, October 18, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I am a total geek. :)

    And, I did finally change the poll and forgot Whataburger. I love that place. I can't believe I forgot it!!! The stupid pollhost, though, won't let you change anything. So, many apologies.


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