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This stinks

Literally. What stinks is that people are raising a stink about it. What is IT, you ask? The Dallas Public Library code of conduct that is being adopted is being criticized by homeless advocates because if they reek of BO, they can be asked to leave.

Good job. Well done. Thank you very much. I applaud the library for doing so. I have been in the Fort Worth Public Library and smelled "patrons" a good eight feet away from me because they smell THAT bad and the odor isn't sniffed from sitting right next to them. It permeates the air and reeks to high heaven. I have no problem with making folks bathe.

What gets funnier for me - if you read the story (which may require a free registration) - is that there is a Dallas Homeless Neighborhood Association. I am not making that up. Swear to God, it is in the story. If you can get organized in an association, I guarantee you can get off your ass and get a job. There are so many non-profits and religious organizations that will help give you a start if you need it. There are places to take a shower and I bet they'll let you wash your clothes, too. The Texas Workforce Commission does almost everything for you to help you find a job. The VA, public transportation (which is still sucky locally, but it can help), you name it, there is somoene trying to help you do better than living out of a box in downtown and stinking up the library.

The Dallas Morning News quotes a homeless guy - and I have to digress on this point - but did the reporter follow his nose to the smelliest, dirtiest guy to get a quote? - and the guy tells him that he spends all day surfing the Internet and reading. Well, hell, if he has computer skills and is literate, pull out the classifieds asshole and find a job. You can spend the day inputting information in a computer for some data entry company or pulling boxes for a warehouse. You have a seedy background or you're an ex-con? Well, I bet TDCJ has a program, too, to help you find a job and there are companies that will hire you.

And before you tell me what a shitty person I am for being so insensitive to the homeless, let me first say: bite me. Then, let me tell you that I do my part to try to help the homeless. I give blankets, toiletries and medical supplies to the Salvation Army. I give my kids' snacks and juiceboxes, bottles of water, new toothbrushes, bars of soap and new socks to the homeless folks I see on the street corners. I said many prayers when it was 8 degrees for the people who had no place to go. I am not unsympathetic with their plight. I am unsympathetic to the 'woe is me' attitude.

Oh, and by the way, they changed the policy to prohibit sex in the library, too. Dammit. I guess I'll have to get a room next time.


  • At 4:26 PM, December 29, 2005, Blogger Swankette said…

    I'm all in favor of the library's new policy, but a lot of homeless are mentally ill and unable to hold a job... and although they may appear fine and able to be productive, it could just be they are going through a good spell and their meds are working, but tomorrow could be a whole different story.

    Not saying that's always the case, but sometimes it is.

    My brother is mentally ill, will never be able to hold gainful employment, and at times has been homeless.

    And often reeks to high heaven.

  • At 8:55 AM, December 30, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Of course you're right. There are always situations that make me smack myself in the forehead and go *doh* and in your brother's case I can understand. That is awful. Sorry to hear about your brother. He is definitely one of those folks that slips between the cracks and, of course, I don't hold any ill will towards the mentally ill (having a brother with severe suicidal depression and a manic depressive mother). My nasty comments are directed toward those folks who choose to let the lumps life has handed them win.

    I still don't like smelly folks, though. *shrug* Reminds me, I need to bathe my children!


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