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Stinkerbelle does SPF

Hi. Momma is being Momzilla today (not that it is unusual for her) so I am doing SPF for her. *rolling my eyes* Moms can be so stupid, you know?

So, the assignment from Random and Odd is:

1. Show me BEFORE
2. show me AFTER
3. Show me your new favorite thing

No. 1 This was before I had hair:

I still like shoes and still drool occasionally, but at least I've given up brother's stinky sneakers and moved on to Princess slippers and heels.

No. 2 (no NOT that kind of No. 2, which I still choose to put in a pull-up to really piss mommy off, ha!) is after. This is me after getting my crazy Justin from American Idol hair:

And, finally No. 3, my favoritest thing isn't new. As a matter of fact, it is pretty old. Let me illustrate with a few photos before I tell you what it is and see if you can figure it out.

No, it isn't dressing up or Minnie Mouse (althought I do like both of those things!) Here's another clue:

Think you figured it out yet? How about one more clue?

Yep, you guessed it: dessert!!!! Hey mom! Are you still on the phone? How about another cookie? or chocolate? Or candy ... come'on! I'll leave you alone for 10 mintues so you can finish that phone interview for the story you're on deadline to write if you'll just give me one more cookie!!! Really! Pwease!

Gees, that mom lady is so stingy with the cookies and cake and stuff. Maybe if I hold my breath. Hmm, no that doesn't work. Banging my head on the wall? Ouch , that hurt AND she laughed. Hmmm, WWPD (what would Pooh do?) Maybe if I give her hug and tell her "I wuv you!" HOORAY! That worked! It's cookie time!


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