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Stinkerbelle's Valentine

I love Little Bit's preschool. She doesn't go to school on Tuesdays, but we went for her party and she had a ball. They had cookies, so what's not to love?

It was circle time when we arrived.

snack time is even better. I have a small mom crush on the male teacher at school. There is something incredibly sexy about men who take good care of children. This kid is super sweet and he is so good with the kids. I think it is good for the kids, too, to have that male role model in a caretaker position, too.

Little Bit chowed her cookie and wanted another. There is her little buddy, MM, too.

These two were cutting a rug. The one kid hadn't peed, that is juice on his lap. It was fun and candy-filled, so my daughter was thrilled.


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