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SPF: Like Yesterday's Paper

My Stuff Portrait Friday assignment for March 10th is "like yesterday’s paper."
1. Your Garbage Can
2 Your ‘Junk’ Drawer
3. Your Trunk

I have no less than nine trash cans in my house and garage, so finding one to shoot was not hard. This one is in my pantry. You see the leftover candy wrapper from our trip to the movies last week. The children were happy to eat the Reese's cups. There is the take out trash and the wrapper from the bacon and Schwan's hash browns we had for breakfast a few days ago. The daughter's uneaten spaghetti lunch is there, too. The pink thing to the right of the trash can is in a big basket of play-doh and that is her My Pretty Pony play-doh toy. I found that the basket needs to be accessible by the Play-doh-aholic.

My junk drawer has been cleaned out at least three times in the past six months and just piles back up. I have a bag in the pantry of stuff I cleaned out to be trashed or distributed to its right place and still haven't done it. I did find my calculator when I took this picture.

I can't even being to explain all of this stuff. I don't know why I keep those phone earbuds because they don't work with any phone we own, but maybe one day, I guess. All kinds of kid stuff. The remote control car thing, my Richard Simmons deal-a-meal thingee. I ought to get it out. Instructions on how to replace in the batteries in Little Bit's lightup Cinderella slippers, you name it, its there.

My trunk changes from day to day. On this particular day, we had soccer.

My orange box stays in the car. It is full of the pump to inflate the tire, maps, etc. I also have towels in there. You can see Stinkerbelle's pink hat hanging out of it. There are several blankets for cold weather, the big brown bag is the soccer coaching stuff - keeper jerseys, penneys, cones, extra shinguards and socks, etc, etc. The blue thing is my chair. I see one pair of the DVD headphones sitting up there and a bottle of water.

So, how junky are you? Go compare at Random and Odd.


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