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With 24 days to spare

I did it. It only took about four to five hours, but I sat down with my TurboTax online and about $40-someodd later, I ave e-filed my taxes and given the IRS a nanny-nanny-boo-boo big old middle finger.

I also believe I shall be the recipient of a fairly sizable tax refund due in large part to running two home-based businesses as well as a plethora of medical and dental expenses. Who says it doesn't pay to be sick? ;)

So, now I'm exhausted. But, that is one less monkey on my back. I'm feeding that butt-nugget a banana and putting him back in the trunk of my car for another year.

*insert deep sigh and look of tired satisfaction*

Now, we have to decide if we want to pay off some bills, put some up for our summer vacation, buy a new gun or two, get new floors, sod for the yard or a new fence. I don't think it will stretch THAT far to do it all. But, we'll try. Six Flags season passes may be in order, too. Hmm. Gotta think about it.


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