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MVP Game Ball

What form? What grace? He's a slugger in training. He loves baseball, too.
Loved this post-game shot. Kid with the open mouth was trying to toss cookies in the air and catch them in his mouth. Ok, these kids (for the most part) can't stop a baseball barely rolling along with a glove and a bare hand, yet this guy thinks he can catch a tiny little cookie in a little bitty mouth? Yeah, son, keep on working at it.

It was Hot Rod's turn to get the gameball. He played well that night, even better last Saturday. He made all three put-outs in one inning! This, in a league where we rarely get three outs. We usually have the five-run rule apply before we switch sides.

Look Ma! He was very proud of himself. So, was his dad, look at that grin!

Wow, I have some cute boys in my home. Throw in Pickle and we'll have girls lined up out the door.


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