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Come on ride the train

I figured if my life is a train wreck *Long Story* then everyone who comes to read the blog should "come on ride the train" and sing the song complete with the Choo Choo chorus.

Saw how the other half lives today and I have to say I'm immensely grateful for all of my blessings. I had a bag of groceries and toiletries to take to a Klingon party I was planning to attend. *sigh* Soccer ended too late to go. But, part of the entry fee was goods for the foodbank. So, I had that in the pantry and decided we should take it to the Salvation Army shelter here in town. I saw some potential for a learning experience and a way to teach the boys to be thankful for all they have. They carried the goods in and saw, first hand, the folks who will benefit.

I hope it sticks with them. I know Pickle has been impacted by helping others. I just want that feeling to stick with them. It is rewarding to give instead of always receiving.

I normally wouldn't post this because I believe most charity is better left unsaid and done anonymously, but something about being told what a hussy I am sort of makes me want to bite my thumb at people.


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