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Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody

Nothing of real importance tonight. Got my new laptop -finally - with part of our tax refund. I'm typing on it now. Taking me a little bit of getting used to. But, Ilike it. I think it is going to really help my productivity while I'm out and about. We'll see.

Kasey Kahne finished sixth at Phoenix tonight. Would have been better first, but not too shabby.

Watching Law & Order SVU. I love this show.

We had a nice, but long day today. Hot Rod kicked some serious ass in his t-ball game. In one inning, he made all three put-outs. He played great. At soccer, he did pretty well, too. Pickle played well, too. It was a great day for the sports-aholic family. Stinkerbelle got to attend a pirate party today and had a blast. I'll try to post some pics on Sunday. I have to get to my regular computer and upload some pics. I also have SEVERAL stories I have to get written. Sunday is going to suck, I fear. AoD is going to ref some soccer games, so I'll be stuck with the kiddos and trying to write. Yippee.

Man, I dread getting all that work done. I wanted to crash right about now, but a SVU that I've never seen is on. Doggonit. *sigh*


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