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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Christ is risen, time to hunt eggs

There, it is . The Dora the Explorer egg. The coup de gras for 3-year-old girls.

We didn't mow the weedy lawn, so we could hide the eggs better. The lawn is on our project list along with many other items at the house.

The hit of the morning, besides the eggs, was the caterpillar.

Happy hunters with their haul.

Eggs were bountiful.

I love the way the real eggs turned out. See the olive one in the bottom right corner?

Pickle was sweet helping his sister. Hot Rod was snatching and grabbing eggs. We asked him to slow down so sister could get some and he "shared" his eggs after she shook the ones to make sure there was no money in them!

An Uzz in his natural environment and his boy.

The Easter table with the goodies the bunny brought them before the hunt.

She likes Whoppers like her dad.

Hot Rod likes money.

Pickle got a comic book, he was happy.

And, Stinkerbelle got some bubbles in a cross - the true meaning of Easter *rolling my eyes*. But, hey, it was close. We did less candy this year and more prizes. I got rubber bouncy balls, bubbles, change and stickers. You can see the stickers displayed proudly on Stinkerbelle's shirt.

I hope everyone's Easter, Passover, weekend, whatever was great.


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