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Friday fun

Good Friday really was a good Friday for us. I gave myself the day off (even though I have work to be done - what good is it to be your own boss if you have to work 24/7?) and took the kids - who were out of school - for a day of good stuff. We started out mid-morning at Chuck E. Cheese and then went to a movie. The Wild was very cute. I went in with low expectations, so maybe that helped. But, it was fun. We had a few crappy points like the pharmacy messing up an Rx, but it was fixed. We went to Good Friday services that dragged on and on and on. I think even God was hoping they'd hurry it up. Hot Rod fell asleep and Stinkerbelle was bouncing off the walls. So, we sneaked out a bit early. Sorry God. Later that evening, we went to dinner at our fave Mexican dive and then I took Little Bit to a birthday party and AoD took the boys to karate.

Here is Little Bit and her best friend rolling upside down.

And of course, there was cake. My daughter licks off all the icing. Ick.

Fun was had by all.


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