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I think Kristine wanted to be PC and a little different for Stuff Portrait Friday this week. I'm being extremely lazy cuz of Good Friday and wanting to spend time with the kids. So, go check out what everyone did at Random and Odd.

Stuff Portrait Friday: April 14th, 2006
1. Your Peeps - introduce us to some of your friends outside of the blog world.
2. Something Fuzzy - *shaking head* you guys keep it clean.
3. Something/Someone you want to dye/die - Yeah, shut up, you’ve thought of it!

Ok, No. 1 and No. 2 are combined for me on this first shot.

The happy faced Hi sign dude is my friend RC. Any attractive single ladies in the Phoenix area, let me know, cuz RC is single and available. He is a professional bull-shitter (meaning he is a PR hack) and works for da man. Anyway. He is one of my best buddies and should blog because he is a damn good writer, but he doesn't. He is a graduate of KU, worked with me at UNT for several years and was my best babysitter. Damn him for moving to sunny Phoenix for more money and a chance to move up the career ladder.

Oh, and the fuzzy is Howler the Coyotes mascot there. Woo hoo, two for one SPF. I didn't take the picture, so I can't really take credit for it. *shrug* Told you this would be a lazy effort.

And, for No. 3. Someone I would like to see dead: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I don't want a picture of him on my blog.

Did you play?


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