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It was incredible

Well, it has been a few weeks since went to see The Incredibles on Ice, but I finally got things organized on here. I'm certainly not organized in life. Gees. Anyway. I am so cheap, I never buy souvenirs at the events. I head to the party store and buy goodies ahead of time. This time, we got Incredibles masks and stickers. Amazing how the $5.50 in goodies made them REALLY happy. I even helped some mom who had a crying 5-year-old who wanted a souvenir by giving her one of our extra masks and a few stickers. It just makes life a lot easier. Plus, they wanted $10 for cotton candy with a toy mask (a nicer mask than ours, but not worth the money). The snow cones in collectible cups were about $10, too.

One fun thing Disney did this time was the bracelet things were free and every kid got one.

She was enthralled.

You can see the dad to the right wearing one of the Dash hat/masks that came with the cotton candy. You can also see the fat bitch to the left who was hateful as all hell. She also couldn't keep her fat butt and the fat butts of her fat children in their seats either. The fat family got up a total of three or four times during the show and wouldn't go the other way where there were few people seated. Nope, she has to climb over us. She tried to pick a fight with me at the end of the show and I think I surprised her when I wasn't scared of her. Wrong person to eff with. But, I digress. The children never noticed, so that was good. They were just happy to be there.

Stinkerbelle's favorties are Minnie and Mickey.

She likes Cinderella, too.

I love the hoochie boots on the Incredible gals.

Fro-Zone had a nice butt.

Pic by Hot Rod. Me in my Supermom shirt. I'm wearing it again today.

And, Pirates of the Carribean just for Cashin. The show was supposed to be the Parr family (Incredibles alter egos in case you didn't know) going to the Magic Kingdom for vacation. So, we got lots of DisneyLand imagery. It made me want to take the kids back to Orlando. They don't remember our trip there and Little Bit wasn't even around. Maybe next year. This year,we are headed to Minnesota for a family reunion and a Twins game.


  • At 1:47 PM, April 13, 2006, Blogger North Dallas Thirty said…

    So when are you getting a pair of hootchie boots to go with the hootchie dress? :)

  • At 2:31 AM, April 14, 2006, Blogger cashin said…

    Damn right just for cashin.

    After seeing Mickey and Cinderella I was already planning my comment, "Was there pirates!?" Im surprised you'd even remember such an obscure fact. Much Kudos.

  • At 9:27 AM, April 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    my kids and i got a pack of those masks after the movie. still wear them on blue days - when we want to talk to just each other and not let the world see our true identitites. yeah, the 14 and 16 year old kids... we're weird, odd and silly that way...

    velma :)


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