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SPF: Un-automatic for the people

Stuff Portrait Friday's assignment from Kristine at Random and Odd is:

This Friday’s theme…Take me off AUTO!
1. Macro: take a picture of something ‘close up’. Don’t use your zoom, make sure you have good lighting and make sure you’re steady. If you have to, set your camera down on something and then take the picture.
2. NO FLASH: try swiching the flash off and taking pictures of your stuff without it. It may take a lot of pictures to get the right shot, but open the windows and find artifical light to get it to work.
3. Perspective: get up high or down low…either way, change the perspective of your picture..tilt the camera sideways. Change the layout of the picture. Instead of having the subject framed perfectly in the middle of the picture…move it to the left or the right.

I'm not sure which pic should go to which assignment, so I've lumped them all together. I tried to do some with different perspective, some with no flash, some up close ... so, we'll see how I did. I focused on gardens. The first shot is at my mom's and the rest are at my house, although ALL of the flowers shown came from my mom's yard.

This was taken at my mom's last week. She has her own little stongehenge.

I thought this was kind of neat with the bloom between the stalks. This purple iris came from my mom's house and is Army of Dad's favorite color of our irises.

This is the base of our oak tree surrounded by irises and purple heart. I thought this was neat. No flash and different perspective.

This is a bluebird my dad made. This is my front garden.

My Virgin Mary statue in the same little garden.

Same statue, different view.

That was sort of fun, I have to admit.


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