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Opening Day

For the second straight year, my dear husband scored Rangers opening day tickets for me. Fun was has by all, mostly Army of Dad, who drank more beers than I could count. Here he is pre-game chowing on some little critters.

Something about food that can look at me that makes me not want to eat it. I mean, I know cows can look at you, but not when you're eating them.

Here is the pre-game partying for the vendor who brought us.

The opening day jumbotron.

Kevin Millwood pitching to the first batter. Lots of Red Sox fans in the stands.

This was our view of th game. Pretty cool. $29 tickets.

Seeing Schilling pitch was cool.

The kick.

The pitch.

Really bad hair. She pulled those strands out up front on purpose.

The dorks were in front of us and we tend to leave dorks alone ((mostly because I'm a dork, too)) but, when dorks call attention to themselves, they deserve what they get. This guy had a Dick Dastardly mustache or a Zebedee, if ou wish. He couldn't have been 25.
Here is a side view.

And, this was just funny. Looked like the one guy was kicking her in the butt, but he wasn't.

And, more crawfish and beer postgame.

Army of Dad gets pretty sweet when he's drunk. He ogles women more openly, but he is also more complimentary! I like that. I need to liquor that boy up more.


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