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It is only a few weeks late, but here are Hot Rod's pics from soccer camp during spring break. He had great coaches from Wales and Cameroon. Not sure where the other guy was from. Not only is he learning from professional coaches, but we get to teach him some geography, too, because we usually come home and look on the map or globe (yes, we're dorky enough to have both in our house) to show him where they are.

Anyway, It was really cold during spring break here. Mama's little fashion nightmare.

I love the intensity on both the coach's and Hot Rod's faces.

I love to watch him get after things with the big kids. I picked him up early from school Friday, and he was playing soccer with the fourth- and fifth-grade Mexican kids. He was on the only gringo among them along with one black kid. So, he is learning from international crowds at camp AND school ;)

This little kid was a stud and Hot Rod was right there with him at times, although this kid could score at will.

He is usually in the middle of things.

Goind after the big kids.

Love the little bowhead running like an airplane.
Now, look, she is the karate kid. Watch out Hot Rod, wax on, wax off.

Cutie patootie coach. He was one our summer British soccer coaches a few years ago.

The post-goal glory celebration. This is the same thing he did when he scored his first goal last week! Yes, he did. It was great. We could really see the difference in his ball handling skills after being at camp.

He isn't intimidated by big kids either. He still practices with Pickle's team of 11- and 12-year-olds.

He loved the "hoodles" drills the camp instructors did each day. I couldn't figure out why he was calling them "hoodles" until my mom asked me what kind of accent the coaches had. Then it danwed on me. He didn't know what a hurdle was and was doing his best to pronounce it the way he thought the foreign coaches were saying the words.

The best part of the kids of the WHOLE week, the last day, the parents had to do the drills! It wasn't easy with a 35-pound 3-year-old on my hip. Photo by Hot Rod.

Camp was great and he has really showed great improvement.


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