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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Sitting down in my thinking chair

Well, so much for me thinking I was getting a really cute top at a bargain price. *sigh*

I went to Academy today to pick up baseball belt and socks for Hot Rod, get some sandals for Stinkerbelle and maybe look at the bargain racks for some goodies for me. Since I have green eyes, I love to wear green shirts. I saw a cute V-neck green striped shirt for $4.88.

While trying it on in the dressing room, Stinkerbelle looks up at me and says:
Momma, you have a Blue's Clues shirt! Why are you wearing a Blue's Clues shirt?

I started laughing because she was right, it would look like a Steve shirt to a 3-year-old. My shirt:

Steve's shirt:

I shrug it off and figure that I'll be popular among the children. Sort of like the pied piper of the applesauce and milk crowd. But, alas, tis not to be the case. I'm showing my husband my purchases tonight and I pull out the shirt.
Army of Dad: Hey, you got a Steve shirt.

*shaking my head*

I think that one is going back to the store.


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