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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Ole! Look at the size of that guy's pepper!

South of the border hotties this week. Last month, Army of Dad went to El Paso and then to Juarez, Mexico, with two old Army buddies for a weekend of debauchery. Not sure how that went (not sure I WANT to know), but I do know that large amounts of beer were consumed and lots of cribbage was played.

Why El Paso, you ask? Why that lovely border town? Well, one guy is National Guard turned active duty and he's stationed there. The other guy is now in the civilian world, but works as a consultant for the military in some capacity and was working at White Sands, N.M., on an assignment for two weeks. So, we figured, why the hell not send him down there. He hasn't seen the civi for about four years now as he lives in Maryland. The nasty guard guy lives in another Dallas surburb when he isn't shipped off, so we see him a couple of times a year or so.

But, I digress. You all know I think my guy is the hottie of the century, so why not make him hottie of the week again (along with his friends) since our anniversary is Monday. Eight years. Seems a lot longer. ;)

Here they are at some cafe. Seated by AoD is his civi buddy and standing is the Natl Guard guy.

Yeah, he is probably chewing some food, but he is still cool. Notice the Latinas sitting nearby. I'm SURE that was an accident. Yeah, a coincidence. They guys just wanted to be by the performers. That's it.

Making a run for the border.

And hitting the club scene with a couple of locals that the Natl Guard guy knows. And, their view from the hotel. Wow, that is cloes to the airport!

Suddenly, I have a taste for tamales, salsa and AoD with cerveza on his breath!


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