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Lead poisoning death

Even though Little Bit doesn't have lead poisoning, I'm struck by how many cases still occur with this deadly, yet preventable infliction.

Reebok is recalling 300,000 children’s charm bracelets because a 4-year-old died from lead poisoning after swallowing a piece of the jewelry, the government said Thursday. The silver-colored bracelets, bearing heart-shaped charms engraved with the “Reebok” name, were given away from May 2004 through this month with the purchase of children’s shoes in major shoe stores across the country. The bracelets contain high levels of lead, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said. CPSC officials said a child from Minneapolis died after reportedly swallowing part of one of the bracelets.

That is scary. Since she puts everything in her mouth, there is always the choking hazard and the concern of swallowing something harmful. This story is much like the one my pediatrician told me last week about the child who swallowed the antique curtain weight and got lead poisoning from it.

So sad.


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