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Civil War Museum

My mom and I went to the Texas Civil War museum in Fort Worth. There were many many artifacts and we could have spent hours there, but mom can't go like she used to before her stroke. So, we cut the visit short. But, here are some. The artifacts are sorted by the North and the South. One of the most incredible facets of the museum is that almost every artificat has a name associated with it. I thought that was incredible.

The bloodstained Bible before was carried by a Confederate soldier on the battlefied.

A bullet riddled uniform.

Firearms. They were beautiful.

A "Texian" Flag. They had a great selection of flags that were carried into battle or flown at home.

Locks of hair from Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. How bizarre is that?

Then, there was a whole wing dedicated to dresses and women's clothes. It was so cool. There were underclothes that made me glad to live in the 21st Century. These look uncomfortable.

And some more.

Even the poor babies had corsets.

The dresses are beautiful, though.

If you like history or dresses, you'd love this place. Reasonably priced, too, and very educational.

NEW: Added for MrsDOF is my lowdown on the dreaded hair wreath. Often these were made out of relative's hair or even hair of DEAD relatives. I hate these things. My mom had one over my bed after I left for college, so every time I came home I had to fall asleep with it over my head. *shruddering* I took a picture of one at the museum. I'll have to find it and load it up for others to see. They're creepy.


  • At 4:12 PM, March 23, 2006, Blogger MrsDoF said…

    Oh, that looks like a place I could stay there all day long.

    A couple Halloweens ago, a mobile home full of items formerly used by undertakers came to town and parked in the lot of a funeral home.
    There was a braid of hair which belonged to a judge's wife.
    Then another fancy
    'picture' in a frame which had locks of hair that had been done in curylyques into a mosaic. The story along with it said a woman who helped the undertaker cut off a bit of hair for her 'picture' and there were almost 200 different ones identified.

    Museums can be a bit creepy as well as educational!

  • At 9:41 PM, March 23, 2006, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I added a comment for you, MrsDOF, regarding the hair wreaths. With the Civil War buff and antique dealer and collector that my mom is, I learned all about them.


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