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Happy SPF Birthday Kristine!

It's Kristine's birthday today. Go wish her a happy one!

Her assignment:
1. Take a picture of something you own that you’re ‘gifting’ me with.(you don’t really have to give it to me, it’s a ‘CYBER’ gift - so go hog wild!)
2. Write 3 words that describe me on paper and take a picture of it.
3. A self portrait of you doing a dorky face in the mirror.
I'm altering it a bit since I'm late and on deadline for work. So, here we go.

A gift of a steak dinner:

Kristine's description words:

Me making a silly face. I make those all the time. Let's pick one:

So, did you play? Probably better than mine. *sigh* Damn work getting in the way of my SPFing.


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