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We almost called it home

When Uzz and I were married and living in Midland, I was a reporter at the local paper, he had a couple of jobs including the assignments editor at the local CBS affiliate. So, while we were living there, we went house-hunting. One of the homes we looked at was a modest little home on Ohio Avenue across the street from the Episcopal church we attended. (That was the church later where Pickle was baptized.)

We learned, while the Realtor was taking us on a tour, that the house had been the home of the former President George H.W. Bush. This was a few years before W was the governor of Texas. We liked the little house. It was certainly cheap enough - somewhere around $50,000 give or take a few thou. But, the history of the house wasn't enough for us to want to deal with the obvious foundation problems. Some of the floors were slanted. The beautiful wood paneled walls had been painted white. Crappy 70s carpet was over the hardwood floors. We knew we'd have a lot of work ahed of us. So, we passed.

Now look at the house. It is a museum now. It didn't look like these pics when we were checking it out.

One story I read said that $1.5 million in improvements were made to the home.

When we looked at the home, the front porch was slanted and the concrete was broken.

The house looks incredible now. Seeing Laura Bush reminds me of when I was working at the Midland Reporter-Telegram. Her dad died and our editor wanted us to go cover his funeral. I don't think one of us would do it. See, there are some reporters with hearts.

Amazing to see the house all gussied up.

The kitchen doesn't look that different from when we looked at the house about 13-14 years ago. Sort of funny to have walked through history before others. I took Army of Dad there when we went to Midland about seven years ago. I want to go back now for another good look.


  • At 9:16 PM, April 11, 2006, Blogger Little Me said…

    That's pretty neat. I wonder if someone would have paid you a bundle for it later if you'd bought it? Oh, well. It's an interesting bit of history.


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