Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


SPF: My initials

Stuff Portrait Friday this week is :

YOUR initials….
For example…Kristine from Random and Odd's initials are: soon to be KLB so she is going to take a picture of something that starts with a K…and then L…and then a B.

So, here we go:
A for Army also stands for A for Aiming:

Here I am shooting the gun AoD bought for me from Kim DuToit.

O for of also stands for O for ouch:

This is my hip with all the staples and the tube from the drain. Man, I"m glad that is over.

M is for Mom and also for Mammaries and Macho:

I have the estrogen, he has the testosterone. Damn Genie Francis for being right next to him. ;)

Go check out Random and Odd and see who played.


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